Our group is founded with the idea of supporting commercial activities in shipping. However in the wake of our cumulative experience of ship management, operation (both technical and commercial) as well as in ship-building we have selected a portfolio of services that are available with us; please use the tab on top to access.

We are representing Class Societies (both IACS and non IACS classes) for Hong Kong and region, and a full Service marine workshop in UAE. Details are given in "Services" pages. 

Our group is well experienced in this multitude of activities which are explained more in details in the relevant section. However our members are very well experienced in Ship sale and purchase, Yard deals and supervision (both  new-building, and drydocking supervisions), and tanker chartering. We are developing dry cargo chartering ability in the group. We are also in to sale and purchase of selected commodities in food, and energy sector.


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Our group was formed out of active interests of Master mariners, Engineers, and Naval Architects, and business professionals. Details about us is in the relevant section.