About Us


Our group was formed out of active interests of Master mariners, Engineers, and Naval Architects, and business professionals. Details about us is in the relevant section.

The Company began opened with strong inspiration from veteran Seagoing Master Capt. Macko Vladimirs. The other significant figures behind the company formation and operation are – Capt. Arlton Alves, and Mr. Das Prasun. Both Captain Macko  Vladimirs and Captain Arlton Alves are Master mariners of considerable sea experience and have substantial shore experience . Capt. Arlton is an entrepreneur by his own right and owner of Trusted Shipping Limited Hong Kong.

The company began its commercial activities in August 2014 in an informal arrangement. Later incorporated and in operation. We have cooperation agreement with companies in India, Greece, Turkey, UAE, and Nigeria.

Mr. Das Prasun is an Engineer Naval architect, and an MBA from institutions of world repute. Has diverse experience including shore technical ship management, Ship Surveyor for IACS Class Societies, and now Chief Executive officer of PS Marketing and Chartering.

The group will continue in commercial activity, and shall actively endeavor to invest in achieving excellence in Ship chartering, broking,  and trading. The group has deep interest in expanding in the technical ship management business activities.