Sale & Purchase of Vessels

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Our wealth of knowledge and expertise, combined with our extensive contacts in the market ranging from South Korea, China to Greece and Norway that enables us to provide prompt and accurate information and advice on a wide range of vessels to both Buyers and Sellers.

We work on this field from barges to tanker vessels to tanker vessels,  container vessels, bulkers, and passenger ferries as well as offshore vessels. Have successfully worked on may such cases in the past two years of activities. We have experienced hands on  master mariners, Ship engineers and Naval Architects, and if any guidance required in selection of vessels for a particular trade we are able to provide.

If you require further information on any vessel, or have a specific enquiry, please write to us at  directly, or fill in the form in the last page. Your case will be attended promptly.

We also undertook vessel scrapping projects from West coast Africa.